Essays on differentiation, building and growing startups.

Advertising is not all bad

Advertising is maligned. But it’s one of the most important acquisition methods for small and medium-sized businesses. This is article is about why advertising is necessary to stop large companies from gobbling up the whole market.

How to build a tool that attracts web traffic (aka a traffic magnet)

Most companies spend a lot of money on ads to attract traffic. What if you could get users to seek your business out instead? Here’s an article that looks at some prominent examples and attempts to map out how every business can build a Traffic Magnet of their own.

Brand Activism: How companies do it wrong

Many brands and companies align with social causes. They bring out big brash statements and often try to offend as few people as possible. But by doing that, their message is often diluted and doesn’t resonate. Here’s an exploration as to why that may be.

Bad reviews are good for business

Bad business reviews are horrible. Or are they? Customers who look for bad reviews are 67% more likely to buy. Here’s a counterintuitive way few businesses are using to make more money with bad reviews.

A good story’s worth more than a thousand images

Storytelling is hard. Movies often get it wrong and for brands it’s even harder. But effective storytelling is gold and can carry your brand far. Here we’ll look at a few story frameworks the best companies take advantage of.